"Diane takes knowledgeable and loving care of the dogs
entrusted to her -  paying careful attention to
socialization, exercise, safety and nutrition.   I am very
grateful for the unique and valuable service she provides!

My Australian Shepherd Panda loves to go to Diane's
Doggie Daycare.  It is his home away from home, well
even better, he doesn't get left behind and he always has
friends to play with."
Linda B.
Diane's Doggie Daycare
"Sadie was so reluctant at first to leave my
side but now she gets very excited when I say
let’s go see Diane!  Sadie was a shy and timid
dog before meeting Diane.  Sadie now enjoys
socializing with other dogs.  I know she gets
loving attention. I have been so pleased with
Diane's Doggie Daycare."
Pat Moon
"Diane had been a god sent for me.
My two cocker spaniels have been
going to Diane's since the daycare
opened. She is loving and caring to
all the dogs in her care and pays
close attention to the needs of
each individual dog including
exercise and socialization. I never
have to worry when I am away
since her home is Jasmine's and
Lilly's second home."
Noreen Rudis
"It’s a wonderful thing to have a place to bring my dog, Rudy,
where I know he is well cared for and happy.  Diane is not only
knowledgeable about canine needs and behavior but is also
extremely loving toward all the dogs in her care.  Rudy is
always happy to go and see Diane and Billy and comes home
well exercised and content.  I can truly relax when I am away
on vacation knowing that Rudy is getting the same love and
attention he would get at home.  Diane’s Doggie Daycare is
truly Rudy’s 'home away from home'."
Nancy Melough
"My name is Monty. I am a four year old male boxer.  
I've been coming to Diane's Doggie Daycare for
almost a year, once a week and sometimes for
overnight stays.  I love to go to Diane's Doggie
Daycare because I feel just like one of the family.  
Diane takes care of me like I was her own.  She gives
me my pills and feeds me.  She even cleans me up
before I go home.   I play all day with my best friend
Billy, Diane's lab, and other doggy friends too.   My
mom and dad like Diane because they know I will be
well taken care of, attended to all day, and they know I
have fun there.  We trust Diane and know that she
provides a safe and caring home environment."
Dawn Davis   
Panda Bear