Diane's Doggie Daycare
At Diane's Doggie Daycare and Boarding, you
have no need to be concerned about your dog being
lonely, bored, ignored or crated*.  Your dog will have
the constant companionship and supervision of
Diane Ward. The family black Labrador retriever
Billy, and other dogs that may be staying, will also
provide your pet with friendship and company. You
can do what you need or want to do without
worrying about your dog, and he will be a happy dog
when you
"retrieve" him.

Our safe, supervised, and loving environment is just
what your dog needs to help alleviate the loneliness
and boredom (and often the accompanying behavior
problems!) of being left alone for long periods of

“In home daycare with a personal touch”
Thank you for considering Diane's Doggie Daycare
for your dog's care.

Diane Ward
94 Pine Brook Road
Colchester, CT
(860) 537-6172

A fully licensed and insured
pet care facility
Cozy Indoor Area
Our living room-style area is perfect
for cuddling and relaxing.
Large Fenced-in
Outdoor Area
Our backyard is a safe
place for romping and
Boarding Accommodations
Dogs who are sleeping over will enjoy all of the
daycare fun, and at bedtime they will receive their
own bedroll to sleep on in our home.
Companionship and
You don’t need to worry
about your dog being lonely,
bored or ignored. We provide
lots of attention and affection.
We Provide:
*Crating is only used in emergencies.
Individual Attention
We care for no more than 5
compatible dogs at a time.
All of the photographs on this web site were taken at
Diane's Doggie Daycare. Click on the picture to view a
larger image.
 Jordan, Billy and Panda